Next Book in the Series (part 1)

Recovery has been a wild road. Ups and downs, and plenty of unexpected turns, but I can say with 100% certainty that the up days are more frequent and meaningful than before. I can also say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for guidance from others and for me putting in the work myself, which was and extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable feeling.

Today is one of the days when I get to not only look back at the work I’ve done and the progress I’ve made, but I get to look at what lies ahead. I get to be excited to see what the next book of my life will contain. Starting in April, I will be working at the VA in Peer Support. I get to help those behind me. I get to reach my hand down and show fellow vets how to climb this dangerous mountain of mental struggles.

Oh course I don’t know exactly what the best way to climb the mountain will be for them, or even for me sometimes, but I can show them the paths I’ve already taken and then provide them with the helpful and harmful experiences that I’ve had. From there they have to be the ones to actually make the climb. It just doesn’t work if they don’t do the work themselves.

Short post, but I’m just so excited to be given such an amazing opportunity. This is a chance to both pass on what I’ve learned and to continue the lifelong process of discovering who I am, the process of reading and writing the series of books that contain my future.

6 thoughts on “Next Book in the Series (part 1)

  1. Thank You, Jeremiah, for checking this out. That’s what my friend sent me also. I will continue to pray for you and Nick. You will do an awsome job working with the veterans! God Bless You!

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  2. Hello Jeremiah, I read your article in the Omaha World Herald this morn. I so enjoyed reading about your story. Thanks for your service!! The reason I’m writing to you is that I received a note from a friend in Arizona about a Nick Rados who is missing. He served in the Army and is 28 yrs old. He is also suffering from PTSD. He was last seen on 2-22-18 when he was discharged from the Bellevue Medical Center. I have a picture of him on FB. Would there be a way I could send it to you? I was wondering if by chance you would recognize him? I now it is a real long shot but you never know? Right! I’m Kathy Bumgardner from La Vista. My home Ph. # is (###)###-####. God Bless You! Thanks

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      1. Thank you for getting back to me. I’m trying to find out about his current status. I looked for your FB account but their were many Jeremiah Jones? I will let you know if I need your help. Thanks! Kathy Bumgardner

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