Next Book in the Series (part 2)

This wasn’t originally meant to be a two-part post, but, since I like parallels and metaphors, this is happening. Going along with the theme of recovery and future adventures, I want to talk about an awesome experience that my youngest and I got to share this morning.

If you’ve seen my other posts, you’d know that I volunteer with a local raptor recovery organization. They recover, rehabilitate, and release wounded and ill birds of prey. This morning my two year-old and I watched the release of SIX rough-legged hawks. For those birds, this was the start of the next part of their story. *there’s one connection*

To get to this point in their lives these scared animals had to rely on others to help them recover from something they even couldn’t begin to understand. This was how I felt almost three years ago when I finally opened up and let myself begin to be vulnerable, begin to let others with experience and knowledge help me. *another connection*

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